The Team at Leaders for Leadership Ltd

The company is owned and run by Dr. Deborah Benson who has extensive experience, running companies from large £ multimillion operations to start-ups.

This direct leadership experience is enhanced by an MBA, followed by Doctoral level business research, providing a unique understanding of the processes of leadership.

The Associates

The highly qualified team of associates all bring extensive expertise and experience from their own sectors, contributing specialist skills to the leadership development, including:

Research and analysis, arbitration, conflict resolution, strategy planning, personality profiling, interviewing, recruitment, leadership theory.

We have ‘been there, seen it, done it’ at high level, and we support leaders from a basis of knowledge and experience.

Deborah Benson

Deborah BensonSpecialisms: Leadership, technical industries, construction, environmental, marketing, charities, non exec.

As the first woman in Scotland to run large scale residential development companies Deborah has a unique experience of leadership at the cutting edge.

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Barbara McCrory

Barbara McCrorySpecialisms: Training and development. Sales and marketing, retail, strategy and planning.

With extensive director level experience in top companies, Barbara focuses on customer service, continuous improvement and generating a company culture to deliver profitability.

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Robin Burley

Robin BurleySpecialisms: Coaching and mentoring, public sector, housing, mediation and conflict resolution. Myers Briggs profiling. Board governance.

Robin brings his extensive expertise and experience as CEO of a housing and community care social enterprise  – complemented by a Masters in mediation and conflict resolution.

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Marian Borde

Marian BordeSpecialisms: Executive coaching, leadership development, behavioural change, change management.

Marian, a chartered business psychologist, coaches and advises at senior level across diverse sectors and brings her experience as a senior manager and strategic consultant.

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Lindsay Burley

Lindsay BurleySpecialisms: Coaching, mentoring, NHS, public sector, regulatory environments, leadership, board governance. Mediation and conflict resolution, Myers Briggs profiling.

From physician to CEO of an NHS Health Board, Lindsay brings extensive experience of  managing highly skilled teams within tight regulatory and budgetary environments.

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Trevor Muir

Trevor MuirSpecialisms: Public sector, organisational behaviour, mentoring and crisis management.

Trevor brings extensive public sector expertise and a deep understanding of achieving  leadership in large scale organisations.

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Ewan Aitken

Ewan AitkenSpecialisms: Leadership, strategy, environment, media and communications, 3rd sector, public policy development, public speaking.

As a former leader of Scotland’s Capital City, Ewan knows what it takes to lead under the pressure of media scrutiny and take tough decisions in the public eye without loosing touch with core values.

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