The Dynamic of Leadership


The Leadership Dynamic offers a deeper understanding of the underlying structures and dynamics of leadership, as evolved over millions of years. We cannot escape instinct…its in our DNA.

Dr. Benson’s research has shown that the desires to lead and to follow operate at such an instinctive level that core dynamics can be identified in socially dwelling animals, in herds, packs, flocks and are strongly evidenced by the most complex species of all ……….. humans.

The Leadership Dynamic draws on the latest evidence-based research. It explains how followers instinctively and sub-consciously respond to the leader:follower dynamics, where the power really lies and why followers chose to follow……. or not.

Knowledge is power. Understanding these core dynamics gives you the power to be a better, more confident and more successful leader. Learn how to make people want to follow your lead and how to get the best from your team.

Dynamic leadership empowers leaders and inspires staff and colleagues to greater involvement, enhanced commitment and the confidence and ability to take the lead themselves when appropriate.





“Leadership and follower-ship are hard-wired into our DNA”

Why Are We Different?

The Leadership Dynamic brings a unique and powerful understanding of leadership.

The LƒL associates have all ‘been there, seen it, done it ‘ – been successful high level leaders, before becoming consultants. 

We don’t just know the theory, we know how it works in practice and can apply it from this unique research-based knowledge. 

We know one size does not fit all, so we tailor all our training to suit our clients. 

……….we understand the instinctive dynamic of leadership.